Introduction to Digital Photography and Postprocessing
Fototrek, NL
The Workshop will be delivered to you by Fototrek's founder - Bartosz. You can check out his work at and

This 5 hours workshop in the heart of Amsterdam is meant for both beginners and intermediate. It consists of two parts - the field work, where we will have a walk around the centre of Amsterdam learning to take pictures in different settings. Secondly, we will sit in a venue, which will itself offer amazing opportunities for photography and learn how to make the best out of data your camera has collected - the postprocessing session.

What will you learn?
- You will understand the principles of (Digital) Photography like light, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, RAW vs jpeg formats, sensor and pixel size, histogram, etc. and how to best use this knowledge in the field
- Postprocessing techniques in Lightroom/Photoshop and Lightroom Mobile or Snapseed
- Understanding your current gear and light conditions to make the best pictures possible in camera or phone
- Understand what gear to buy without breaking your bank

What will you need?
- Anything that takes pictures (preferably in RAW format)
- Tripod for longer exposures
- laptop or tablet/mobile phone with Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop or Snapseed installed
- Any other equipment you'd like to use

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Introduction to Digital Photography and Postprocessing

This workshop is not scheduled. You can send a request for this workshop to the organizer.
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- guided walk around the centre of Amsterdam with hands-on guidance on taking photos
- a postprocessing session teaching you principles of postprocessing
- venue with a unique view of Amsterdam's Spui area
- drinks/snacks in the venue


- camera equipment (I will have my own Canon equipment including lenses of 10, 24 (EF only) and 70-200 mm that participants can alternately use free of charge)
- computer/mobile equipment for postprocessing
- lunch (which we will stop for around noon)
- drinks and snacks outside the venue
- software licenses (you can start trial version of all Adobe software shortly before the event and decide if you want to purchase later, Snapseed is free to download for mobile phones)
- any type of travel/liability insurance


English, Dutch, Polish