Emotions - the door to innerworld of unconscious
Mind Twist Consulting, NL
At every moment of our life emotions are ruling our behavior.
Whether we are happy or sad, angry or fearful emotions are playing an important social role, having the major influence on our perception of the World and our communication styles. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.
Join this 2 days workshop to:
-	To learn the theories and models around emotions and culture to understand and manage your state and communication styles.
o	Define emotions, moods, traits, and disorders
o	7 Universal emotions 
o	Automatic appraisal system
o	Emotion alert database
o	Self-awareness/management (triggers, emotional diagrams, manipulators)
o	Attentiveness
o	Cultural Norms and Politeness
-	To exercise and develop knowledge and skills in reading verbal and non-verbal signals in self and others 
o	5 communication channels
o	Facial expressions 
o	Vocal&Verbal
o	Body language
-	Learn and exercise a framework for handling emotionally charged conversations

Workshop includes an extensive number of various exercises aiming to awaken emotional self-awareness and bring this knowledge to all areas of life. 
Bring your understanding and communication with family and kids, friends and colleagues and especially with yourself to a new level. 
Trainers are holding an MSc degree in Behavior, Communication and Credibility analysis/Manchester Metropolitan University. 

approximate daily timeframes 10:00 - 17:00

Emotions - the door to innerworld of unconscious

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Interesting topic: I've learned more about recognizing emotions in others and myself. I gained more insight about communication and emotions in general and in myself and my communication. Putting the knowledge into practice is still difficult, but it starts with being aware of the emotions quickly in order to change your reactions to it. I'm very happy I joined this workshop and will now try to make good use of it in my daily life :)



The workshop was very insightful and gave me a lot of tools to enhance my emotional perception for me and others. The exercises and activities with peers from the workshop kept me very focused and allowed me to learn and remember a lot. Tatiana is a very patient and knowledgable person on the subject and it felt like all my questions were answered event sometimes without me asking them.



Every communication, management or emotional intelligence course I have been to, taught me tips and tricks how to deal with others. Tatiana finally showed me how to deal with myself and that is where good communication starts as we normally tend to put responsibility and our needs on others. She delivers scientifically based knowledge of our emotions and communication and then shows us with real life examples and exercises the value of mindfullness. This is truly exceptional and the most professional workshop I attended in my career. Thank you Tatiana!



Very well prepared, substantiated, instructed, guided and a perfect balance between theory and practice. Very good price vs quality!



Very competent organiser. I liked the balance between theory and practice, having participants tell a story at the very beginning, for example, was a good way of creating a group from a previously unconnected bunch of people. Some topics generated interesting discussions, like the one about shame and guilt or the potential issues in emotion expression and recognition for non native speakers of a language. In both cases, the discussions were kept detailed enough to satisfy our curiosity, but short enough to keep the workshop on schedule - well done. I'd definitely recommend.