From the Market to the Table
Mesaluisa, NL
Meet your host Luisa at the main entrance of Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon’s main marketplace. This is a lively, covered market that both tourists and locals frequent. Walk through the market and explore local and regional produce. You will learn about regional foods and purchase the ingredients that you will use during your cooking class.  

Back to the kitchen, you will learn to cook a healthy and authentic Portuguese meal.  In your hands-on cooking class you will prepare a regional appetizer, a main course  and a side dish, all from scratch! Enjoy learning about Portuguese cooking before you sit down to share the food you helped prepare with Luisa

From the Market to the Table

This workshop is not scheduled. You can send a request for this workshop to the organizer.
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The visit to the market, the ingredients, the cooking class  and the lunch (including drinks)


the transport to the market


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish