Share your knowledge.

Teach new skills to people anywhere in the world.

What is Workshops Market?

Workshops Market is a fast growing International platform that unites skilled people all around the Globe and provides an easy way to reach interested learners. Let the World know about you!

Why is it for you?

You carry the knowledge or skill and share it with others as real-life experience.
You already have or would like to organize a workshop and looking for exposure and simple way of offering your workshop to interested people.

What Workshops Market offers?

Workshops Market will take care of exposure for your workshop (in social media, google search, and more), offer best exploring and evaluation experience for your buyers and immediate secure payment methods. Also, you will be able to share your personal workshop link on your social media and manage your schedule.

How does it work?

Add your workshop here for FREE and set up your account. It is easy to schedule a workshop to the date with min/max participants also for free! Workshops Market will take care of reaching a target audience.
If you decide to sell tickets via our hassle-free and secure payments, 0% fee for each ticket sold will go to Workshops Market (valid until June 2019, then 10%). The money will be released to your account on the 2nd day after the scheduled end date. In case your workshop is cancelled we will take care of the refunds for free - see our Refund Policy for details.